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Dupuis Family Surnames

Since the early 1980's I have attempted to continue the genealogy project started by my mother, Emelie Archambault Dupuis. She had instilled in me the desire to trace my ancestors. She had many family photos as well as hand written notes which were willed to me when she died in 1989. Since then the family tree has grown considerably to include about 3000 entries with the following surnames:

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Dupuis Lineage Charts

I have also compiled 3 family Lineage Charts dating back to the 1600's.

PDF files to view:
Germain Dupuis Lineage Chart
Charles Dupuis Lineage Chart
Kateri Dupuis Lineage Chart

I use REUNION software on my iMAC. If you are particularly interested in information regarding my genealogy, please contact me by email at

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